Current Projects

With our growing numbers, the long standing and much used HBC equipment is beginning to show the strain. We currently have a number of fundraising projects on the go to fund new boats, blades and an additional safety launch oh and the constant requirement of all clubs - more space!


Project A: To fund 2 new single sculls, 2 new double sculls and 6 sets of sculling blades. [In progress]

This project is under way.  In 2015 we applied to the Rowing Foundation for help towards this large project and were granted £2000 which was gratefully received. This has helped to fund the new blades in this project. In March 2017 we were awarded £3900 through the Tesco bags of help scheme. Huge thanks to all who voted for us! Along with other club raised funds, we have now just ordered the first of the double sculls and look forward to its arrival.


Project B: To fund a new coxed quad wired with cox box and 4 sets of new sculling blades. [Almost complete]

The club successfully applied for and received £10000 from Sport England in August 2016. We raised additional funds through a sponsored row along with other events and took delivery of the new quad early 2017. We funded an additional amount and upgraded our boat choice to a Wintech Interchangeable boat. This can be set up as a coxed quad/four or a coulees quad/four. In effect, four boats in 1! This boat has already been used to enable our J14 girls to compete at Birmingham in April 2017.  We still need to raise the funds for the blades.

Project C: To fund a new safety/coaching launch. [Complete]

This project is now complete and We achieved the funds to purchase our second safety launch in 2016. This has enabled us to split training sessions with more experienced rowers completing longer distances and easing congestion on the stretch of water immediately outside the boat house.

Project D: To increase the boathouse capacity. More rowers = more boats = need for more space

Simple.. But not a simple task to achieve!


If anyone knows of funding available which we could apply for please let our treasurer know:  If you are a company or Individual who would like to contribute to any of these projects we would be keen to hear from you. Those in a position to contribute the cost of a piece of equipment can choose its name!

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